It’s that time of year again…

Every September we like to celebrate with the loyal customers that share our name! This makes up our annual event – Jimmy’s Day!

So, whether your name is James, Jim, or Jimmy you can eat at any of our restaurants completely free!

Ladies, don't worry, you won’t be missing out either – all Jess’s or Jessica’s will also be able to eat free of charge on Jimmy’s Day.
This year’s Jimmy’s Day will take place on 24th September so clear your diary and come and see us!

What’s included?

Take your pick of the food we have on offer at all of our restaurants, including starters, desserts, and a range of stations with cuisines from around the world.* Remember, at all Jimmy’s Restaurants you can refill your plate as many times as you can manage too!
Check out our sample menu to get an idea of the sorts of food that we may have on offer.

ID’s Please…

To prove you really are a Jim, Jimmy, James, Jess, or Jessica… Don’t forget bring a valid photo ID with you too.

So call up all the James, Jim’s and Jess’s you know and come and see us this 24th September!

*Food menu can vary from location to location and depending on seasonal products. Lunch is only 60% of evening menu. Drinks are not included in this deal and need to be paid for separately.