So, what are your food combinations that SOUND so wrong… but TASTE so right?! We have a few options for you to try...

Chocolate and Chilli

This interesting combination actually dates back to ancient Aztec civilisations, as well as being hugely popular in Central and South America! This is the ultimate sweet and savoury combo, adding that extra kick to a normal everyday taste. Yummy recipes include chilli infused brownies, cocoa flavoured chilli, or chocolate chilli ice-cream!

Go on, be brave and spice up your dinner or dessert!

chocolate and chilli

Fruitcake and Cheese

Sweet and savoury strikes again with this lovely little afternoon tea treat. Fruitcake and cheese is a long-standing British tradition, especially popular amongst Northerners! If you need convincing, it’s very similar to dried fruits and cheese – and we all know that works! It does of course depend on the type of cheese, we recommend a Wensleydale or Cheshire, or for something a little different, a creamy Stilton – delicious!

cheese and fruitcake

Salt and Coffee

Now we’re really turning things up a notch! There are many different ways to drink coffee – did someone say a double venti half-soy decaf organic iced Frappuccino?! But one addition that is rarely heard of is a sprinkle of salt! Looking at it scientifically, salt actually takes the bitterness out of the coffee, especially if it’s a poorly made pot. The tradition is followed in Northern Scandinavia, Sibir, Turkey and Hungary resulting in a much more intense taste and more foaming. Turns out the classic prank of swapping the salt and sugar shakers may actually be beneficial!

coffee and salt

Vegetables and cake

Now back to that eccentric yet exciting sweet and savoury combo! Now we know this sounds like a mum’s oldest trick in the book – hiding healthiness in tempting treats, but it’s actually rather delicious! Our favourites are beetroot chocolate brownies or courgette and lemon cake. Now we all know how delicious carrot cake is, so surely this is a tempting one?

betroot and chocolate

Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar

We know, this one is a little strange! Vinegar is for salads, pickles, condiments – certainly not for fruit! But this combo is actually extremely tasty! The vinegar sweetens the strawberries yet reduces that sugary taste. They can be used as a delicious sauce accompaniment with chicken or veg, or even as an ice-cream topping – trust us, it works!

strawberries and balsamic

So there you have it! You probably think we’re completely barmy but we encourage you to give it a go! Pop down to a Jimmy’s near you and test out our wide range of scrumptious dishes, you never know, you may find another winning combination!

Now, what was that ‘Friends’ episode involving a trifle and minced beef…?