The good…

We’ll start off with a taste of Italy and some impressive tricks with a pizza base!

The largest pizza base was spun by American Tony Gemignani, who spun 500g of dough for two minutes to form a pizza base measuring 84.33cm in width! Now that sounds like the kind of pizza we’d like to give a try!


But Tony didn’t stop there! He also broke the world record for the most continuous pizza rolls across the shoulders in 30 seconds. Tony used 567g of dough and achieved 37 rolls over the 30 seconds – now that’s speedy!


Moving on to a couple for all you greedy guts out there… these renowned chefs have broken the record for the largest servings of delicious dishes – sounds like a challenge to us!

The largest serving of Mashed Potato was achieved by French chef Joel Robuchon in 2012. He created a ginormous portion weighing 1042kg!


No one does Fish and Chips better than the Brits! So it’s only right that the record for the largest serving of Fish and Chips was broken by the Enfield chippy in London. They served an incredible 47.75kg of the stuff! Delicious!


And finally, the oh-so moreish hot dog. This one we can assure will satisfy your stomach! The largest hot dog commercially available is from US based Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats weighing in at an impressive 3.18kg and setting you back £24.60!


The bad…

Ever taken a weekend trip to London and been shocked by the prices? Well here’s something to make you feel slightly better about the odd splurge here and there!

The most expensive cocktail was made by Italian Salvatore Calabrese at Salvatore’s Bar, London (of course!) and cashed in at a painful £5,500! Ouch!


And the ugly…!

Now these are just plain weird…

  • Texan Rob Williams holds the record for the fastest sandwich made using ONLY HIS FEET! It took Williams less than 2 minutes to construct a bologna sandwich including lettuce, cheese and condiments. Any volunteers to give it a taste? Go on, we’re right behind you…
  • UK born Alex Williams holds the record for the most stinging nettles eaten in 1 minute. Williams ate more than 5 feet of stinging nettles! I guess the only question left is…WHY?!
  • And finally, the record for the most sugar cubes balanced on the chin in a single stack is Italian born Silvio Sabba who achieved 17 in 2014. We’re again baffled about where this idea came from!

Fancy a challenge?

Sounds like fun? We can’t help but want to join in! So pop down to your local Jimmy’s and break your own records! The largest Jimmy’s buffet ever consumed? The strangest mixture of food? The longest time spent in a Jimmy’s restaurant? The most cocktails consumed in 30 seconds? OK, we’re getting carried away!

So book here and join in the fun!